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  • Hats and Masks
  • Blowouts
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Confetti/Foiletti/Poppers

    Decorate your party tables in style with table confetti/foiletti. Guests of all ages love it, puts a sparkle into the party! Foiletti is shiny foil confetti. Confetti and foiletti for all occassions: 18th birthday foietti, 40th birthday confetti, balloon shaped confetti, halloween confetti, heart confetti, christmas confetti, smiley face confetti and many more! Set your party off with a bang with Party Cone Poppers! Confetti or foiletti looks great when spread around a decorated party dining table. Confetti and foiletti can aslo be perfect when decorating home-made cards.

  • Badges

    Children and adults alike love birthday badges to show that they are the Birthday Boy/Girl. Check out our wide range of children and adult age badges.

  • Inflatables

    Liven up your party with these fun inflatables. Use the microphones for karoke games and the guitars for air guitar competitions. All are ideal for pass the parcel prizes or pary bag treats.

  • Cake Accessories